Apr 25, 2020

Kim Jong Un Rumoured To Be Dead, Spotlight On Sister

Jeffrey Chin

ccording to Hong Kong news outlet HKSTV, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is dead. Kim Jong Un dead means a potentially radical reformation for the country.

Days ago, there were reports that leader Kim Jong Un had complications from heart surgery and was in critical condition. Nothing had been confirmed, and North Korea had been downplaying the seriousness of the headlining news. The rumors have been swirling since the dictator missed North Korea’s celebration of the birth anniversary of Kim II-Sung on April 15th. His last public appearance was on April 11th. North Korea has been silent on Kim Jong Un’s absence.

Days after the reports, according to The New York Post, Kim Jong Un had suffered complications from surgery and has died. It was said that a stent was mis-inserted after the surgeon’s hands were shaking badly. Kim Jong Un dead is a problem for many countries.

North Korea’s Next Potential Leader

His sister, Kim Yo-jong, has recently begun to take the spotlight as speculations increase that she might be North Korea’s next leader.

Nicknamed, “the Ivanka Trump of North Korea”, she’s no stranger to the public eye. In 2018, she represented her country in Pyeongchang for the Olympics. When her brother, Kim Jong Un, fell ill in 2014, she unofficially took over some of his duties for six weeks. She’s present at many events and meetings, including her brother’s meetings with US President Donald Trump. There is no doubt she plays a key role in North Korea’s dictatorship hierarchy, with her main role being to push the North Korean propaganda, and to protect her brother’s image.

As there has been no official confirmation from North Korea or any other world leaders regarding Kim Jong Un’s death, we will continue looking for credible reports on the matter.

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