Sep 17, 2020

King of Jordan's Near Million Dollar SUV For Sale

Matthew Mann

f you're in the market for a car that is the closest thing to a tank, and is as luxurious as a Maybach sedan, you may be in luck. This incredible vehicle was originally commissioned by King Abdullah II of Jordan with massive customizations which cost more than $600,000 USD. It is now available for the low price of $84,000 through dealer Prestige Auto Credit.

Tank Fit For a King

If you're wondering where the tank aspect comes in, the Ford Excursion boasts more than $200,000 USD in armour. Ballistic glass and an anti-biological attack air-filtration system, are just a few upgrades that make this SUV uniquely opulent. The interior is fitted with leather seating and a mini fridge in the back. However, car interiors have come a long way, so it does look very dated. Additionally fitted with walkie-talkies, DVD player, phones and anti-nuclear attack filtration, there's no doubt this vehicle was fit for royalty.

To power such a beast of a vehicle, the SUV was outfitted with a 6.8-liter Triton V10, giving a possible 310 HP and 425 pound feet of torque. It has been reported that the Ford Excursion only has 4,022 miles on the engine. Unbelievable for a car that's 15 years old. The vehicle happens to be from the last year the model was produced, so its to be assumed that the King decried to upgrade his luxurious limo with a newer model.

Popularity Amongst the Rich and Powerful

People with gigantic amounts of wealth and power in eastern countries were very fond of the Excursion model, in spite of its wide accessibility. In recent times, a warehouse in Dubai was found to be housing 10 of these vehicles with 0 miles on them. Quite the odd collectible, but people have been known to spend more money on worse investments.

Of course, times have changed and luxuries in a car are more available now; so don't expect to pay anywhere near the $600,000 USD. The seller has aggressively priced the SUV at $84,000 USD, which is honestly a bargain for a bunker on wheels. For similar money now-a-days, you could get a base Mercedes G-wagon; but the G-wagon won't come with bullet proof glass and a mini fridge.

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