Sep 11, 2020

Maserati Finally Unveils The MC20 Supercar

Matthew Mann

t's official. Maserati has finally released its first supercar in over 15 years. Its predecessor, the MC12, had a MSRP of $800,000 USD and now goes for over $2 million USD at auction. Maserati has claimed that they have finally produced a car that can compete with modern day supercars like Mclaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Renderings and pictures have frequented on the internet for the last few months, but it is finally here.

Modern Day Maserati

Getting with the times and using more widely used materials, the MC20 is made almost entirely out of carbon fibre and aluminium. Taking inspiration from F1 cars, Maserati have decided to power the carbon body with a twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine that produces an astounding 630 horsepower. This means, going 0-62 mph can be achieved in under 3 seconds and can reach a top speed of over 200 mph. Maserati is able to achieved these staggering numbers by use of their new engine and combustion system called Nettuno. Similar to that of Formula 1 race cars engines, gasoline is ignited in a separate chamber attached to the cylinders instead of just igniting the fuel inside the cylinder. This in turn creates a flame that enters the cylinder and heats the rest of the fuel and air. It also uses the traditional spark plug method found in all modern day cars. The combination of combustion methods is said to have extremely high power for its size, but can also be efficient and quiet for daily driving purposes.

Going Green

Maserati has also revealed that they will be introducing a fully electric version of the MC20 in 2022. Although power statistics have not been revealed, it is very exciting news none the less. The chassis was designed and built to support both petrol and electric powertrains with minimal modification. Maserati revealed the performance figures of the electric variant stating the supercar should hit 60mph in under 2.8 seconds while also having a 230 mile range.

MC20 Interior

The MC20's cabin is exquisitely styled to the same level as the exterior's beauty, of course while featuring a splash of carbon fibre and alcantara. Maserati has stated the primary focus as been to achieve the perfect driving position. The very minimal interior design has a special drive mode switch, 10.25" driver-display, and a secondary infotainment screen of roughly the same dimensions. As a two seater, the car has about 150 litres for luggage in the "frunk", and storage area behind the engine bay.

Entering A New Chapter For Maserati

For the longest time, Maserati's engines were built by Ferrari. This was because until 2015, Ferrari, like Maserati, was also part of Fiat Chrysler. Things have not changed as Ferrari still builds engines for most of Maserati's current models. Maserati has stated that the Maserati MC20 is set to usher in a new era of rebranding the company as they look to develop their own engines and research. Davide Grasso seems to be very confident in the future of the company.

"It was critical of our strategy to start this new era with the launch of a sports car, a sports car that will bring us back to where we started" - David Grasso

There is a new design language introduced with the MC20 as it doesn't resemble much of the current model lineup, but looks towards the future. This 18 month design and transformation combines classic Maserati features with a more modern, contemporary, and simplistic aesthetic. Oh, and don't worry, it has those awesome vertical doors similar to McLarens and Lamborghinis.

Maserati has not officially revealed then price range and exact models for the MC20, but the specification and performance levels suggest it will be ready to take on cars such as the Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GTR, Acura NSX and McLaren 570S. The Maserati MC20 is estimated to begin its production at the end of 2020, but models won't be available in the North America until mid 2021.

For the promotional video of the Maserati MC20, check out the video below.

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