Sep 1, 2020

Michael Jordan's S600 Mercedes Sells For $202,000

Matthew Mann

luxurious Mercedes previously owned by Michael Jordan, has recently sold for a whopping $202,200 on eBay.

Owned by the Chicago Bulls superstar at his career's height, the V12 coupe was truly one of his favourites to transport him to his games. In the posting, a photo of Michael Jordan was included with and a copy of the original title, signed by Jordan and his then-wife Juanita. At the time of its recent purchase, it was listed as having 157,085 miles.

The eBay posting mentioned some information pertaining to the German tuner Lorinser, although rims and a car phone appear to the be the only modifications. The car phone comes to no surprise, as it was no secret the Jordan loved the idea of having a phone in his personal car. The German company Lorinser did offer performance tuning upgrades for Mercedes vehicles in the 90's, so a more than meets the eye Mercedes engine is quite possible.

At the time, the S600 model was the most expensive Mercedes Benz offered in their fleet of cars. With an original MSRP of $175,000, it has remarkably stayed relatively close to its sticker price; most likely be attributed from its superstar owner. Coming standard with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine, it was equipped with 389 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. The V12 engine ensured that it got terrifically terrible gas mileage. Being that most of Jordan's driving was presumably in the city, he would've only been able to achieve 18 miles per gallon. For todays green standards, this would be horrific. What it lacked in economic sense, it made up for in its interior aesthetics. Sleek and plush leather coupled with wood-grain accents, made for quite the luxurious experience.

Since its release, Mercedes had gotten rid of the V12 in the S600 model but is expected to offer a V12 in the next generation of S-Class. With numerous car companies making large sedans with twin turbo V8's, a V12 may be something that only Ferrari and Lamborghini continue with.

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