Mar 2, 2021

The Most Diverse Laptop Stand

Matthew Mann

ne of the most difficult and awkward situations you can find yourself in can be finding the right working position for your tablet or book. On top of awkwardness and temporary discomfort, repetitive muscle movement, or lack thereof, can cause long-term stress on your body and potentially permanent damage.

Finding a product that is useful for both sitting and standing applications, raises the device to an appropriate angle/height, and can manage the pages of your book, seems like a tall task. NuVending however, has found a brilliant way to solve all of these problems in a single product. Enter the Bamboo Laptop stand.

Features and Construction

Unlike most of the laptop stands available on the market today, this laptop stand is made 100% of bamboo. Although unconventional for this application, bamboo is a surprisingly appropriate choice of material. Bamboo is a very strong material that can hold even the heaviest of books or tablets without giving way as well as it stays relatively cool. Unlike many metal or plastic laptop stands without venting, the heat generated from the laptop or tablet can actually warp or disfigure the stand. Bamboo is unaffected by this circumstance. Additionally, bamboo is one of the easiest materials to clean. Being that it will most likely sit in the same spot over a long duration of time, dust accumulation will be the biggest enemy; however, a damp cloth can rid the surface of unwanted particulates.

The overall footprint of the laptop stand may seem big at 15.9 inches wide and 12 inches tall but when it is in its upright position, its footprint is only the depth of the support plate on the bottom. The face of the stand can hold even the largest of textbooks and most laptops.

The support plate on the bottom is fully adjustable, allowing the user to put the laptop stand into 6 different slots for differing angles to view your workpiece. Angles of the stand would directly correspond to the product you decide to use the stand for as well as the environment it is in. The back support can also be folded flat with the stand itself for easy transport and storage, as it compresses to only an inch thick. NuVending has also informed us that for anyone that is looking to achieve a lower angle of the stand, the user can drill two holes on the rack support at a lower position and adjust the back rack. Additional holes will be added to the upgraded version in the future.

Its versatility as a workspace comes into play when observing the front-facing folding metal arms. Apart from just being a laptop stand, the metal arms assist in holding down pages in varying sizes of books so the user can easily read through the desired area without having to relieve their hands of previous duties. This comes partially in handy if you are using a cookbook while trying to recreate the meal pictured in said cookbook. Drafters will also find this stand helpful, as the workpiece can be clamped down with the metal arms and the inset magnets in the top of the stand can easily hold a metal ruler (comes standard with the bamboo stand) over the paper to make measurements or draw straight lines.

The only gripe that we had with the bamboo stand was the fitment of the support stand in the rear and the drop-down metal U-bar. Being that bamboo comprises the entirety of the stand, temperature and humidity can alter the gaps and placement of the bamboo layers. We found this was very true in our case, as the rear stand became somewhat warped; making it quite difficult to retract the base and put it at the desired angle. The metal U-bar that fits into the various slots for altering the angle of the board is very flimsy when the laptop stand is folded into its storage setting. We wish that there was a clip to hold the metal bar back so it couldn’t flop aimlessly when in transport.

Overall, the NuVending Bamboo Laptop Stand is a versatile and inexpensive product that can solve many people’s everyday problems. Priced at only $25 this stand is a no-brainer for people that need a book/laptop stand.

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