Aug 4, 2020

Most Expensive Model Cars in the World

Matthew Mann

o the every day reader, this article may seem like an over dramatized piece on toy cars. In a sense it is. But don’t be fooled. The worlds most expensive model cars are anything but toys.

Amalgam model cars are a thing of beauty. A work of art in the eyes of a car collector or anyone who values the artistry in small scale models. Casting, painting and assembling is all done by hand, making every car that much more special. Without the use of assembly lines and large scale production, Amalgam has to charge a premium for their product. To a collector, the price is justified. With price tags ranging from the low 4 digits all the way to $15,000 USD. They are considered to be the most expensive model cars in the world. Spending thousands of dollars on model car may seem ridiculous if you have no interest or appreciation for models.

Amalgam models are available in numerous forms. Self-build kits allow to the buyer to indulge in the creation process, while the fully finished models allow the collector to merely bask in their glory as soon as they open the box. Extreme detailing is just one aspect of Amalgam models that sets them apart from other production car models on the market. Their claim to fame is using the most exquisite components available. They truly do not disappoint. Custom parts, time and craftsmanship, guarantees the models to be perfectly sculpted works of art.

In 1985, Amalgam started out building architectural models for companies. By the mid 90’s they began to dabble in making models cars. They were commissioned to create models for a Formula 1 team. Their ability to create the highest of detailed models would help them stand out over thousands of large production car model makers.  

Soon, Amalgam began to work with Ferrari and their F1 racing team. This was truly a turning point in their history and sparked the beginning of their model car production. The well-timed gig perfectly aligned with Scuderia’s racing dominance was nothing short of perfection.

Since its initial model car commission in the mid-1990s, Amalgam went on to work with several other F1 teams, and it’s not hard to see why. Intricate detailing and exquisite craft are hard to ignore. Amalgam Collection also has professional drivers and personal collectors as part of their marketing division.

Founder Sandy Copeman’s love for motorsport created the perfect environment for a new division of craftsmanship. Being that his true passions now the focus of the business, he now allowed him and his team to unleash their maximum potential. The new car models would still exhibit the sublime detailing that the architectural models had, but the cars would have a more personal touch and nostalgic feel to them.

A connection with individual customers is critical to stand out in any business, and Amalgam is a prime example of this. Amalgam continues to set themselves apart from the competition by producing new, low quantity, build kits and models; while others pump out die cast models by the thousands.

Although the line of handmade model car options is unparalleled, what is truly remarkable is the scaling down process. To be able to retain the level of detail from a full sized car to a model that is 1:8 size, shows that hands-on craftsmanship still thrives and allows the car to resonate with the buyer even that much more. Present day buyers are very aware the quality difference between hand made and factory made. Collectors tend to purchase items based off an emotional attachment, so the exuberant price is usually not a problem.

When you consider that the models are sometimes the closest thing that avid car enthusiasts can get to owning their dream cars, then you begin to see just how essential this aspect of production is. On the other side, some of the most eccentric car owners tend to get model cars of the full size vehicles that they adore. What a better way to show off that you have an exotic/classic car than to have a model of it above your fire place.

To illustrate, take the McLaren F1. This vehicle gives most who are aware of its lore, goosebumps. The Amalgam model allows the viewer to appreciate every facet of the car without being in or viewing the real thing. The realistic door catch of the gullwings has been recreated so perfectly, along with all other details that would be too much to take in if around the full size model. Being able to pick up the model and move it around allows you to see the details you may not have originally been aware of. It’s easier to absorb the details and not miss anything when the entire vessel lies in the palm of your hand.

An estimated three thousand hours completes a model from an Amalgam Collection. A labor of love as pure and polished as the finished product itself. The collection is truly a thing of beauty, from its smallest 1:18 scale models to its life size show cars. It is easy to see now why the price is so outlandish. The Amalgam Collection may produce the most expensive model cars in the world, but Sandy Copeman ensures that his product is a one of a kind work of art. Any dream car is attainable, if your willing to go small!

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