Mar 8, 2020

Popeyes New Clothing Line – Beyond Chicken

Jeffrey Chin

f you know Popeyes, you might know that the brand doesn’t miss out on social trends. Although famous for its fried chicken, the restaurant has a reputation for high social media engagement. Popeyes’ trend of benefiting from high moments on social media is becoming legendary. Last year, the restaurant got into a Twitter war with a rival fast-food chain – Chick-fil-A over chicken sandwiches. The chicken sandwich wars soon went viral. Popeyes chicken sandwich is extremely famous partly because of this war.

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Popeyes Clothing Campaign

Recently, it launched a clothing line named ‘That Look From Popeyes.’ Obviously, it will take a brand as creative as Popeyes to transform their standard uniform to a savvy clothing line!

Popeyes has taken it upon itself to offer its own ten-item collection that features “some of the brand’s most iconic maroon and orange uniform designs.”
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Popeyes Unifroms

Beyonce & Popeyes?

It’s easy to see that the maroon-and-orange-themed line is based on the restaurant’s colour scheme. We also can agree that the line is eye-catching. But is it out of the ordinary to think that something else led to its creation?

Earlier in January, international music sensation, Beyoncé released the latest collection in her clothing line — Ivy Park. It was also her first collaboration with Adidas. Many members of the Beyhive were thrilled! But before long, a large percentage began to point out the familiar colour scheme. One tweep – @AngelaDMack – tweeted about how the line was similar to the uniform.

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Popeyes Fashion Lineup

Interestingly, Beyoncé is no stranger to the food chain. Beyoncé told Oprah during an interview in 2003 of her love for its fried chicken. The singer mentioned that she has a lifetime membership card. This guarantees her free fried chicken for life.

Is the Clothing Line Connected to Ivy Park or Not?

In typical Beyonce fashion, Ivy Park x Adidas sold out within a week of its release. On the following Wednesday, Popeyes announced that it was to release a clothing line inspired by its uniform’s designs. The name of the clothing line mimics the slogan of its fast-food chain — ‘Love That Chicken From Popeyes.’

Popeyes was called out by many fans for insinuating that its colours had inspired Beyonce. The restaurant didn’t respond to the banter. Still, Popeyes’ clothing line quickly trended on social media following this.

According to the fast-food chain, the clothing line is a chance for fans “who missed the boat, to score something nearly identical.” This sounds like a reference to the collection by Beyonce x Adidas.

The Popeyes clothing line has ten items, including caps, visors, sweatshirts and button-downs. It also comes with a lookbook. Although this is a more common occurrence with high fashion brands, the clothing line made it work.  The restaurant also claims employees of the fast-food chain are the models for their clothing line.

Final Take

The fashion collection was probably just a well-timed publicity stunt. Even the proceeds from the clothing line go directly to the Popeyes Foundation — a charity organization that aims to strengthen communities with food and support in times of need.

If you are a fan of Beyonce and or Popeyes, this is a great deal for you. The clothing line is quite affordable. Prices range from 10 USD – 40 USD compared with the 25 USD – 250 USD for the already-sold-out Ivy Park x Adidas line.

Finally, neither Beyonce nor Adidas has released a statement concerning the similar clothing lines. Nor have they denied a connection between the inspiration for the Ivy Park x Adidas collection. We can safely assume the publicity plan worked!

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