Oct 22, 2020

Possible Storylines for the Upcoming Arc of the Dragonball Super Manga

Genevieve Montague

ith the Moro arc in its climax and about to finally end, fans have been speculating on what lies ahead in terms of possible storylines for the upcoming arc of the Dragonball Super Manga; especially with Jump Festa rapidly approaching in December.

Jump Festa will be held on December 19th and the 20th this year, but it will be online due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Last year's Jump Festa proved disappointing as there were no news for the Dragonball Super anime continuing, but the prospect of a new arc has definitely excited fans.

The recent chapters of the manga have proved to be a bit disappointing, mainly due to the fact that Son Goku has not learned from previous experiences, and the climax of the arc has dragged on perhaps unnecessarily so.

Fans are hopeful that the story will experience a time jump and finally leave this ten year time gap after the defeat of Kid Buu, mainly because we have seen the end of Dragonball Z with the main cast alive and well, hence this time jump will add some needed tension that the series needs. When you couple this with the fact that the presence of the God/Angel characters such as Beerus and Whis watching battles take place and saving the main protagonists in the past, it really incorporates an unneeded insurance policy from a tension perspective.

Here are some possible storylines and directions the series can go.

A Visit to Planet Sadala & Namek In Universe 6

Vegeta, (Left), and Cabba, (Right).

In Universe 7, long before the events of the Dragonball franchise (Goku's birth), Planet Sadala did exist and was the original planet of the Saiyan race. Unfortunately, the planet's demise occurred due to uncontrollable internal conflicts within the Saiyans. The remaining Saiyans then moved to a different planet called planet Plant, and after taking over the planet and its inhabitants by brute force, they called it home and renamed it Planet Vegeta.

As we all know, soon after the Saiyans were then controlled by the powerful Cold empire, and the planet was then destroyed by Freeza due to his fear of being potentially overthrown by a Saiyan in the future. This robbed our protagonists of Goku and Vegeta to see the original planet of the Saiyans. Luckily, during the Universe 6 tournament arc, the main cast encountered Cabba, another Saiyan who revealed that Planet Sadala does exist in his universe which lead to Vegeta's desire to visit that planet. King Sadala is a prideful king with Saiyan characteristics that could align with a pure Saiyan such as Vegeta, and this element can add lore to the story that would be effective.

Piccolo Facing Pilina, Who Merged With Many of His Brethren to Form a Powerful Namekian Warrior

Universe 6 is also known to have their version of planet Namek, since many Namekians merged with Saonel and Pilina to create two powerful Namekian warriors. There is an opportunity here to develop characters beyond just Goku and Vegeta, with Piccolo being able to visit there as well. Back in the Freeza arc, Piccolo never got his potential unlocked by the Grand Elder Guru, perhaps this visit could result in the Grand Elder Namekian of Universe 6 unlocking his potential, and while this likely won't close the gap between him and his Saiyan comrades, there are definitely other possibilities available that could be expanded upon further.

One example is the Namekian Book of Legends that was mentioned by Shenron when he was summoned to explain his knowledge of the Super Saiyan god. Having this book contain legends of the Namekian people to obtain godly power could easily be an element that can be written in if the content creators choose to.

Making Cooler Canon

Cooler in His Final Form

Dragonball Super: Broly, was the highest grossing Dragonball film of all time. It grossed $124.5 million worldwide, hence their strategy of taking an old popular villain from the previous Dragonball films which were outside the continuity of the Dragonball series and rehashing the story works without question.

Cooler, who is Freeza's brother, did not appear in the recent Dragonball Super film, but he was a popular villain, and prior to Freeza reaching his golden form, Cooler had one additional transformation past his brother. Cooler did appear to have the "golden" transformation in the Dragonball Super Heroes series, which is more fan service than a meaningful plot as well as being outside the continuity of the story just like Cooler's other appearances in pervious films.

It will have to be written in a way that makes sense as to why Cooler did not appear in the story at this point, but with Freeza now revived, the strength of the Cold empire can be headed in the direction it once was. This is an opportunity for meaningful flashbacks into the life of Freeza & Cooler along with their father, King Cold and how they ran the Planet Trade Organization. This character development can be exciting for fans, as Freeza is a popular character, and adding to his lore especially now that he is revived after the tournament of power can pay positive dividends in the long run.

Freeza, (Left), Cooler, (Right).

From a power perspective, it was revealed that Freeza was a prodigy because he never trained a day in his life and still had cosmos begging for mercy at his feet. After being revived during the Resurrection of F arc, he only trained for a mere four months to gain an insurmountable amount of power and challenge the likes of Goku and Vegeta who were already at God levels of power.

The same could be applied to Cooler, and perhaps his potential would be more than that of Freeza because as stated previously, he does have one more transformation. Perhaps a scenario where both Freeza and Cooler wear Potara earrings and merge together to create an unstoppable force could be a fun reality and challenge for the main cast.

Multiverse Divine Conflict

The Grand Priest Who Serves Zeno

Its amazing how the scales have increased throughout the Dragonball franchise. In the original Dragonball, the villains and threats were all Earth bound, and when Goku turned into adulthood in Dragonball Z, threats outside the Earth which became universal became the trend, and now in Dragonball Super, with the introduction of the 12 universes currently in existence, threats can be now introduced that threaten the entire multiverse.

What's even more interesting is that the new Dragonball villain could have been hiding in plain sight this whole time, with the Grand Priest manipulating Zeno for his own ambitions due to Zeno's childish nature.

Back in the Tournament of Power, fans were shocked at Mohito's reaction after seeing his universe erased by Zeno. This increased the speculation among the fandom that the angels, particularly the Grand Priest, have nefarious schemes playing in the background.

When a universe is erased, the angel who's responsibility is to be the attendant of the God of Destruction, typically remains. Many of these angels that we have seen seem largely unaffected when their universes were destroyed in the tournament of power, with the Grand Priest seen even smiling at trillions of lives being erased all at once.

More importantly, the power of mortals reaching God levels of power has been quite evident in Dragonball Super. It is interesting to note that back in the Battle of Gods arc, Beerus used 70 percent of his power to defeat Goku who just attained Super Saiyan God by having the ritual performed on him. Its been a lot of battles since then, and it is possible that Goku with his mastered Ultra Instinct has closed the gap considerably by now, perhaps even slightly surpassing Beerus. The Grand Priest witnessed mortals reaching a massive amount of power in the tournament of power, and this could be a reason for the Grand Priest to put an end to the mortal ascension to power; similar to Zamasu but on a multiverse scale.

Of course, Zeno and his future timeline of himself could put an end to these schemes, but it is important to remember that Gods could take some time to sleep. Beerus is widely known to sleep for decades at a time, and the same could be incorporated for the two Zenos; creating the perfect opportunity for the Grand Priest to implement his plans.

The Angels in Dragonball Super

Angels are shown to have free will, with consequences however. Meerus made the choice to interfere in mortal affairs which is against his angelic duties and paid for it with his erasure. With the Zenos out of the picture, this rule can be thrown out of the window, and Goku & company would have to ally themselves with warriors from other universes.

All good things must come to an end eventually, and this would be perfect arc to end the series.

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