Apr 16, 2020

Quarantine Time Killers – Top 10 You Should Try

Genevieve Montague

The longer COVID-19 controls our daily routines, the more we need to find outlets and opportunities for self-growth and distraction. Here are 10 suggestions to kill some time and aim for self-improvement during quarantine!

1. Home Workouts

Every fitness influencer on Instagram has posted a home workout. For just 20 minutes a day, working out helps release endorphins which help your mood, boost your immune system, and decrease that tight and lazy feeling. With the number of free workouts available, you can always switch things up and keep it fresh and entertaining.

Quarantine workouts

2. Card Games

Playing card games with your family/roommates during quarantine is sure to kill some time. Maybe mix in some drinking games and get everyone in a better mood! If you live alone, there are loads of online games to try like Online Poker (it’s incredibly addictive).

Quarantine games

3. Learn a New Skill

Was there ever something you saw your coworkers/friend do that you wish you could? Now is the time to add to your repertoire! Whether you want to improve your typing skills, finally learn Adobe Photoshop, or add to your recipe book, there are tonnes of free resources on Youtube and other websites to access during the quarantine. Some good ones are Phlearn, Masterclass, SkillShare.

4. Cleaning

Doesn’t it feel amazing to give everything a good cleaning? Sure there are monotonous items you clean all the time like toilets, countertops, etc. But when is the last time you cleaned your oven, blinds, or your baseboards? Do you know how many feet of baseboards are in your house? That’s will take a day in itself.

5. Try a New Layout

Ever wanted to see what your living room would look like with the couch on the opposite side, and the TV in the corner? Now is the time! Sketch some layouts you want to try, and then move your furniture in the most efficient order that tests each potential layout. You might just find something that maximized your space.

6. Donate Your Clothes

Trying on an entire closet worth of clothes can be time-consuming and frustrating. But lucky for you, you’re stuck inside anyways! Try everything on, and separate into Yes, Maybe, and No piles. Donate the No, keep the Yes, and if there’s room, keep the Maybe for a little longer.

TIP: Make all of your hangers face one direction. When you wash clothes and put them back, face the hanger in the opposite direction. After 6-12 months, if there are clothes on hangers that have still not turned, donate them.

7. Download Fun Apps

Remember the games that used to kill hours of your day like JetPack Joyride and Flappy Bird? See if you can find them again, nostalgia always feel great and you’ll be sure to kill a couple hours.

8. Pamper Yourself

Now is the time to treat yourself. Girl or boy, taking the time to exfoliate and moisturize your feet, hands, and face feels amazing. Take a couple of hours and give your skin some TLC.

9. FaceTime Your Friends

Living alone or with your family is no reason to not talk to your friends. There are so many outlets now to chat with the people that make you happy. Make this interaction part of your routine. It may not seem important, but it is. Set up weekly times everyone commits to. Wine Wednesday (chatting with your friends while drinking wine) has been a popular trend.

10. Get Fresh Air

Getting some fresh is more important than ever. Once a night, take a break from being cramped inside and go outside. Enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the sunset. It seems simple but can tremendously help anxiety and that “cramped up” feeling. Pick a secluded place that you can enjoy some peace.

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