May 14, 2020

Rams New Uniforms Are a Bust (Opinion)

Anthony Balogne

here has been speculation if the sports team creates ugly jerseys on purpose. The LA Ram’s new uniforms potentially solidify this conspiracy theory. Along with a brand new logo (which everyone hated), the Rams released two new uniforms (which everyone also hated). Shocker.

This article is going to be pretty critical, so buckle up.

The home jersey is the royal blue, with a “modern twist”- meaning they added a gradient where it doesn’t match or make sense. Judging from comments online, most people agree with this statement. The rest of that jersey combination is pretty nice. It looks really good with either yellow or blue pants.

Rams new uniforms – Source

But there’s something worse than the gradient- the ivory. No, that jersey is not a white one they forgot to wash before the photoshoot. It’s an off white ivory. Who thought of this? Is this color in any of their branding or logo? I’m glad you ask, because no, no it’s not. Worse is the bright white patch at the top left. It looks so out of place. At least make the patch the same color.

Rams new uniforms

Just like the Falcons, the Rams only saving grace is their helmet. The blue and yellow pop; and it’s a good take on the classic horn.

Rams new uniforms (helmet) – Source

“I was not surprised by how emotional this issue was for fans,” said Kevin Demoff, the Rams’ chief operating officer, before the reveal “because it’s a unique context — being the first team to essentially return back to the market that you’d previously been with a different look.”

It makes sense why they did this. The Rams will be moving into SoFi Stadium, that uniform and logo were the last two pieces which would still resemble St. Louis. But there needs to be more time and care taken into designing uniforms. Did they try focus groups? Polls? Anything? It doesn’t seem like it.

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