Apr 16, 2021

Reviewing The Best Night-time Poker Cards

Genevieve Montague

o poker game is complete without ‘Poker cards’. Often confused for playing cards or narrow bridge cards, poker cards are slightly wider and are great for card games like poker that don’t require players to hold many cards at once.

While you may have to fan out your cards more to see the values, poker cards come with greater detail, are more popular, and are also more comfortable to hold than playing cards.

If you are new to the world of cards or are looking to add another novel deck to your collection of cards, then we have just the one for you!

The Liang Lialiang's Glow-in-the-dark Poker Cards

There is already great variety as is in the world of poker cards with style and design, but the Liang Lialiang poker cards still stand out: They are glow-in-the-dark as the company claims.

Infused with phosphor compounds, they absorb light and then emit it in a faint green glow. When you consider this with the fact that this product is going for $4 on Aliexpress, they are a great budget pack.

What are the Cards Like?

The Liang Lialiang card pack comes as a standard set of 54 poker cards. Each card is 9.2 x 5.8x 2cm and sports a simple two-faced design. On one side of each card are the standard symbols with the relevant values assigned at the ends. The symbols and values come in one of two colors: Neon-green and orange, and are printed on a black background for good contrast.

In addition, on the other side of each card is a plain red canvas. Each card comes with a plastic-paper hybrid construction that combines the flexibility of paper with the decent rigidity of a plastic core. We love the novelty, and cards that ‘glow in the dark’ would be especially great for outdoorsy people on camping or hiking trips or players in dimly-lit playhouses who need to play in low-light conditions. 

However, whether the Liang Lialiang cards actually glow in the dark, is another story. The company says not to expect much with its ‘nocturnal radiance’. To get the most glow, charging it in the sun or with a UV beam will do the trick. Still though, don’t expect a bright, long-lasting glow. With that said, if you are looking for a set of playing cards that come with an elegant design and don’t cost much, then the Liang Lialiang card set is a great buy!

Check this card set out today on AliExpress!

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