Apr 14, 2020

#RIPFortnite & #ThankyouEpicGames Trending on Twitter

Anthony Balogne

t is not news that Fortnite Chapter 2 has been a letdown. The lack of a competitive scene, the time between updates, and the missing communication left both Content Creators and Pro-players looking for new games and new outlets to use their talents.

Why is #RIPFortnite Trending?

In early 2020, creators like SypherPK– predominant Fortnite Content Creator, were scrambling for video ideas. On April 13th, SypherPk released an in-depth video discussing his frustrations with Epic Games, explaining why #RIPFortnite is trending.

WarZone Releases

March 10, 2020, Call of Duty released Warzone, their entrance into the Battle Royale genre. Many of the top Fortnite streamers flocked to the game including NickMercs, TimtheTatman, and CouRageJD.

Valorant Makes Waves

Now, a month later Valorant, a new game that mixes CS:GO style shooting with Overwatch mechanics released their beta. Now NadeShot, Cloakzy and EVEN SypherPK have switched over at least part of their stream to test the beta; and they’re…. absolutely loving it!!

Days later, #RIPFortnite and #ThankyouEpicGames are trending across Twitter as pros, content creators, and their viewers all start to explore new games. Responses have varied from people hating on the game’s current state, to thanking the game for the memories it created.

It can’t be denied that Fortnite is finally falling off. However, it is important to note that Tfue still managed to pull in over 90K views on his FNCS Qualifier.

Next, it is Epic’s move. It’ll be fascinating to see if they respond to this controversy, or continue with the missing communication that is at least partially to blame for this drop-off.

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