Sep 7, 2020

Enjoy Family Games Night With Riverbond!

Sergio Penguamo

iverbond is a beat ‘em up, hack and slash dungeon crawler with captivating voxel style graphics and a lovely art design. Not being exclusive to a single platform, you can play Riverbond on PC, Xbox One Game Pass, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. It’s an easy-going simplistic game, which includes some twin-stick shooting elements thrown in as well as some abilities that may strangely remind you of Zelda. It’s a light, cute, breezy experience that unfortunately is lacking in challenge, but makes up for it with the ability to play with up to three additional players in co-op.

Cosmetic skins are available throughout the game if you wish to customize your character which gives no advantages, other than the pride to be playing as characters ranging from an eggplant, to a pug. There are also a wide variety of weapons ranging from melee to long-range, and everything in between. Artistic and pretty environments engulf your hacking and slashing all whilst having only 9 levels and bosses, the interesting art style and simplistic gameplay is engaging enough that anyone of any skill level can tackle the story mode. 

Riverbond isn’t the most in-depth game out there, but it just might be perfect for a family fun 4-player co-op gaming night.

Check out our full length video review below!

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