Feb 19, 2021

"Rolex" For Under $100?

Sergio Penguamo

olex is a brand known across the globe as luxurious and prestigious. From actors to hedge fund managers, Rolex's adorn the wrists of many powerful and wealthy people in the world and are considered milestone possessions that are collected and handed down from generation to generation. For the general population, however, a Rolex is something that is largely unattainable within many peoples budgets.

Thankfully for the budget conscious watch aficionados out there homage watches are easily affordable and not hard to come by. Homage watches do a great job of filling the void of wanting a certain watch without breaking the bank.

Pagani Design GMT

Enter the Pagani Design GMT, a Rolex GMT homage at a fraction of the price. Far from the $26,000 USD asking price of an authentic Rolex GMT this surprisingly well made homage version can be had for around $100.

This watch of course differs in a number of different ways from the original, but at a glance, this watch could easily be mistaken for a genuine Rolex.


Being one of the better made homage watches we've come across this particular model features a well-made 40mm stainless steel case with a 20mm two-tone polished and brushed steel bracelet with deployment clasp, identical to that of the original Rolex GMT. It even has a cyclops date window and even the same style hands as the original. On the surface, this homage ticks all the boxes as a successful homage.

Under the hood this watch features the highly reliable NH35 movement which is manufactured by Seiko. This movement is a well known movement that requires little maintenance and is known for it's reliability and affordable price. In fact, many homage watches and smaller watchmakers use the NH35 movement for those reasons. Pagani Design made it their own by including a decorated rotor complete with their logo which is seen through the clear case back.

The dial on this watch is gloss black with blue colored lume applied to the hour indices as well as second, hour and minute hands exactly like the Rolex GMT this watch is based on. The crown on this watch is a screw down crown which helps in keeping it water resistant to a stated 100m. Unlike many other homage watches we have reviewed this one has the best chance of actually being water resistant to it's stated depth based on the manufacturing quality.

Overall, for a $100 watch, the Pagani Design PD-1662 GMT is a perfect homage that actually has a quality movement and materials. If you want to get your hands on one of these you can find it on Amazon.

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