May 12, 2020

Stryker Cat Becomes an Online Sensation

Genevieve Montague

tryker the cat is not your ordinary cat. No, Stryker is a Savannah Cat that was rescued by his owners when he was discovered living in a small cage.

Life has got much better for Stryker and he now has an Instagram following of over 500k.

Insta famous

Stryker the cat on a boat
Source – Stryker Cat

Styker’s owners, Shlomo and Joe, have done a great job bringing their big boy to the attention of the masses. From fun videos to striking action shots, Stryker certainly has an eye for the camera.

Stryker is a big deal on Instagram but on TikTok, he is killing it. His videos have racked up an incredible 71 million likes and he has 5 million followers.

A keen swimmer and a big chicken lover, Stryker is the perfect go-to Insta animal for these testing times.

A wild beast

Stryker the cat swimming
Stryker the Cat – Source

Stryker is a beautiful animal but he is also not the kind of cat that you would shout at to get down off the counter.

With a large body, strong teeth, and sharp nails, it’s best to stay on Stryker’s good side.

Stryker the cat currently resides in Miami but his Savannah brothers and sisters are most commonly found in Africa, in the grasslands of the Sahara Desert.

Styker’s lean body and long legs give him a very regal look, but it is his striking black and gold coat that makes him stand out.

Not a pet

Stryker eating whole raw chicken
Stryker Cat – Source

While it may sound cool to keep a wild Insta famous cat, it is probably not a good idea for the average Joe to go out and buy one.

Savannah cats are never truly domesticated and they require a lot of hard work from the owners who do take them into their homes.

Deciding to take on a Savannah cat brings with it a number of pretty significant risks that should put you off the idea altogether.

Not indoor cats

Stryker standing tall up against railing
Stryker Cat – Source

Savannah cats need to run, jump, and hunt. They also like to play roughly. If a Savannah cat does not have ample opportunity to run free in an outdoor environment, it is not going to be a good scenario for either the cat or its owner.

Potty training optional

With the size and power of a Savannah cat, they are not exactly animals that you can force to do things. Savannah cats can be trained to use the kitty litter but they will still most likely continue to mark their territory. This can often include putting their scent down on their owners too.

A serval cat is for life

Stryker being pet by owner

A little Savannah cat may look all cute and cuddly on Instagram but this little thing will grow up to be a large, needy animal that will take up plenty of your time and money. And this would be a long-ride, Savannah cats are regularly known to live up to 22 years of age.

Stryker the cat followers who fall in love with Savannah cats would be best served to stick to the online version or heading down to a local zoo or sanctuary where it’s common to find these beautiful animals in a more natural environment.

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