Jul 2, 2021

The Best Budget Wireless Charger

Genevieve Montague

odern-day tech continues to evolve at lightning-fast speed, but it should still take a while before smartphones out-of-the-movies that don’t need charging become a reality. Today, most mobile phones need to be charged at least once a day, and while wired chargers have stood the test of time, wireless chargers are the next new thing. 

Wireless chargers use electromagnetic induction to charge your device wirelessly. Wireless charging makes smartphone charging safer and more convenient. Plus, with less demand on your phone’s charging port, it’s bound to last much longer. 

Wireless chargers are next-generation tech, and with all the hype, it’s no surprise that most of the available models are pretty expensive. However, a high price tag doesn’t always guarantee value for the money. Poor designs, unreliability, or inadequate power are some of the issues that plague many wireless chargers.

There’s no reason to fret, though. There are still a good number of wireless chargers that check most quality control boxes and don’t cost a fortune. In addition, we have zeroed in on just the one for you.

The Choetech Wireless Charger

The Choetech Wireless Charger is the ideal charger for those on a budget. With a $19 price tag on Amazon, it is cheaper than most but still comes with all the goodies typical of higher-end models - two charging pads, a mini-USB cable, and a USB cable for charging. Yes, you need to charge this wireless charger with a cable. Ironic, right?

Key Features

At first glance, the Choetech Wireless Charger looks perfect for bedside charging, but it’s also ideal for travel, all thanks to its portable build. Right in the center is a charging patch that tells you exactly where to place your smartphone, making it ergonomic.

We love its Qi-certified 10W fast-charging powerhouse, which is quite impressive for a wireless charger of that price. Its versatile charging compatibility is also outstanding, as it can charge most iOS and Android devices, as well as AirPods Pro with no AC adapters. Of course, it is Amazon’s Choice, and why not? It is affordable and offers a better charging experience than most wireless chargers in the same price range.

What’s more? You get two charging pads with this one in black and white. Each charging pad is 0.3” thick and can still charge devices through cases up to 5mm thick.


The Choetech Wireless Charger is a great device that’ll give you every bang for the buck, but it comes with a few flaws.

To start with, it takes a great deal of tinkering to get the charging sweet spot with this device. This can be frustrating as just throwing your phone on it may not get it charging. This also means if the device shifts or shakes, even in the slightest, your phone might stop charging.

In addition, it makes some noise, which might not be obvious during the day, or in a public space, but might drive you crazy in your bedroom at night.

Our Verdict

Yes, the Choetech Wireless Charger has a few bugs that may bother you, but it's fast-charging and pocket-sized dimensions make it a steal at that price. Plus, it can serve as a peripheral or emergency charging device, so you should probably cop one for rainy days.

So is it worth it? Yes, it is! Get this bad boy today!

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