May 10, 2021

The Best Casio Replica

Matthew Mann

asio watches are loved by average Joes and high-profile individuals alike. With some of them priced for as low as $10, they are easily accessible by just about anyone.

The Casio brand, founded in 1946, gained world-wide recognition in 1957 with bragging rights for the first electric compact calculator. Later in 1974, its first watch which set the pace for the company’s renowned electronic quartz watches was released. 

Casio watches are not exactly luxury, but rather emphasize functionality. The Casio G-shock series, in particular, boasts excellent water resistance and shock resistance, making it popular with sportspeople.

The company’s watches pull a cult-like fan base, making them very affordable; they are easily the best watches in their respective price ranges, and popular celebrities have worn them on many occasions.

The Panars Digital Watch

Even with how cheap Casio watches are, people looking for the most pocket-friendly ‘Casios’ still have a host of replica options available to them. The Casio Royale AE1200 is already as affordable as it gets with its $25 price tag.

However, what about even cheaper? Enter the Panars Digital Watch – an identical replica of the Casio Royale at just $5. 

Key Features

The Panars digital watch features a 39.5mm plastic case with a plated metal band, and an overall gold finish. It comes with a digital display divided into smaller displays for the time, day, and an electronic compass.

Controlling the watch is achieved with four electronic push buttons. It also comes with a backlit display for nighttime use and multiple modes for functionality. It also comes with a timer or stopwatch function and makes for a simple watch you can wear around at home.


One flaw of the Panars watch is the difficulty to set the time. The display controls are not the most user-friendly and will need some getting used to. There is also a difference in finish between the band and the main case. The plastic case isn’t also the most durable option on the market.

Another flaw is the noise the watch makes. The large clearance in the band links makes for large clicks and clacks that betray its low quality against the real Casio. Closing and opening the band also needs quite some effort. 


However, for its features and performance, the extra $20 you will pay on the Panars replica to get the authentic Casio Royale, may not be a bad idea at all. It does score well in terms of resemblance but doesn’t meet up with the authentic watch in its functionality.

Then again, for its $5 price tag, the Panars replica is one of the cheapest watches you’ll find on the market and if every cent matters to you, it is definitely a great budget buy.

Check out the Casio Royale AE1200 on Amazon, and also check out the vintage version as well!

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