Mar 31, 2021

Is This Headphone Stand Worth The Money?

Genevieve Montague

ome people are biased against listening to music while working, but some studies show that great tunes can actually improve productivity by easing stress and boosting one’s mood. Hence if you love your music, whether while working or doing anything at all, chances are you own a pair of headphones you love.

To ensure your headphones last as long as possible, it may be a great idea to invest in a functional headphone stand. With a good headphone stand, you can keep your headphones off the ground when you’re not using them, know exactly where to find your headphones, and they can make great aesthetic additions to your workspace.

However, not all headphone stands are made equal. Between the different materials, designs, and price points, the options can get overwhelming. Some headphone owners prefer to get their hands dirty and make their headphone stands at home. 

With that being said, if you want to save yourself the hassle and get a ready-made headphone stand, then we have reviewed a great choice for you!

The Asano Headphone Stand; Worth the Money or Not?

A good headphone stand checks great aesthetics, a solid construction, and compatibility with different headphone profiles. These positives that a good headphone stand brings to the table are some of the features on the Asano headphone stand. However, is it really worth its $30-70 price tag?

Key Features

The Asano headphone stand comes with a plywood/veneer composite construction in a curved profile to fit the loop on a real headphone. Its continuous-grain wood indicates a single-piece construction which results in durability and a great finish. The headphone stand sits on four non-slip felt pads that give it a good grip on your table or desk surface and minimize the chances of it slipping and falling.

Lastly, as far as space economy goes, this headphone stand does score well. It comes with a compact design that is store away even with your headphones mounted on it.

The downside

One downside to the Asano headphone is the little effort in getting your headphones off. Its curved profile may have been designed to fit your headphones, only too well. The close fit means getting your fingers in between the headphones and the stand itself will require some effort.

It is also quite tall, giving it a high center of gravity, and meaning it may be more prone to toppling over than you would expect.

Our Verdict

The Asano headphone stand looks good, is really sturdy, and can hold just about any headphone. However, we still feel that its price tag is too high for its minimal design. If it included extra features like a cable management system or a USB charging hub, we may consider it really worth the money.

However, if you are looking for a solid headphone stand that will make an aesthetic addition to your desk or drawer with a great wooden finish, then the Asano headphone stand is still a solid choice. It is available on Amazon now!

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