Jun 18, 2021

The Best Massage Gun

Jeffrey Chin

ike most consumers are aware, massage guns are commonly used by professionals and at-home users to massage the body on a deep tissue level. Although they have a similar aggressive styling to that of a cordless power drill, their intent is something much more therapeutic. Various attachments accompany the gun itself to target specific portions of the strained muscle groups; before and after working out. Attachments ranging from round ball style to U-shaped heads can be used at various intensities. The pulsating heads relaxes the muscles, improves overall blood flow, and accelerates recovery. Some massage guns are sold for as much as $700. We found an affordable massage gun that sells for less than $100 and does not compromise on quality. Perfect for the budget conscious, at-home user!

The Fylina Massage Gun

The Fylina Massage Gun is made of high quality plastic and metal parts. It has a sleek design that consists of a handle and a rotating head. It comes with multiple speed levels for users to control the intensity of the massage.

The provided attachments reach deeper into the muscle walls than the average massage gun to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience.

Key Features

The gun comes with six massaging heads to give a complete massaging experience. Each of these heads is designed to work on specific areas of the body. For ease of storage and transportation, the gun includes a portable case for storing each of the heads and the gun itself.

The Fylina Massage Gun has an LED display where device information such as battery level and speed level is displayed. Using the two dedicated buttons that sit on either side of the power button, allows the user to choose a speed level between 1 to 30.

The gun’s highest intensity comes at 3,200 rpm; meaning, you can have a range of tissue depths that can be reached. The gun does not need to be plugged in to use as it uses rechargeable batteries that last six hours on a full charge. 

The Fylina Massage Gun is also equipped with the latest silent sliding technology that reduces the noise produced during use. Depending on the intensity, the gun produces between 40 to 50 decibels of sound. To put this into perspective, the noise made by a running computer is between 50 to 60 decibels, making this massage gun extremely silent.


The only noticeable flaw we found in the Fylina Massage Gun is the difficulty encountered when changing the massage heads. This mostly comes from attempting to get the massage heads out of the housing.


Yes, it is worth it. Considering its $49.99 price tag, the massage gun provides premium value at a lower cost.

The potential muscle recovery that the Fylina Massage Gun can provide far surpasses what you can provide yourself, no matter how flexible you may be. With the included attachments, there is truly no limit to what you can or can't massage. Do yourself a favor and start reaping the benefits of a relaxed body with the Fylina Massage Gun. Get this bad boy today on Amazon!

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