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Omar Abubakar

ini projectors scale down the massive size of normal projectors into bite-sized units for people who don't have the space nor the need for a movie theatre quality projector. 

Whether you are looking to get a cinematic experience in your home while watching sports or you simply want to play your video games on a bigger screen, then a mini projector may be your best bet.

As portable alternatives to regular projectors, mini projectors are also relatively cheaper. However, the shear number brands and price points of mini projectors available make it a tad bit harder to settle for a particular one. By no means go super cheap. Like anything, cheap usually means poor quality.

Are there any mini projectors on the market that are pocket-friendly but still check most quality control boxes? Yes. And we found just the one.

The Apeman Mini Projector

The Apeman Mini Projector is a portable projector that brings the movie theater to your home. The projector shines in its connectivity – with several input options, it gives you the freedom to project images and videos from various sources. 

Key Features 

The Apeman mini projector features a sleek, compact plastic construction with excellent optics to back it up. It comes with a native 720p resolution but supports 1080p media inputs. 

For connectivity, this mini projector comes with two HDMI ports, one USB input port, one micro SD port, one AV input port, and a universal 3.5mm jack ports. The HDMI ports allow seamless connectivity with devices like PCs and gaming consoles.

If you are using older computer hardware, you are also covered by the projector’s VGA port. The dedicated SD card slot allows you to play media directly from an SD card. At the heart of the projector’s glow is a 6,000-lumen LED bulb with a 3000:1 contrast ratio that gives clear and bright images. 

Image adjustability comes in the form of two adjustment knobs – a focus wheel and a keystone wheel. The focus wheel alters the image clarity in relation to the distance to the projected surface, while the keystone tilts the projected image for the perfect viewing angle.

A knob at the projector’s base gives extra height and angle adjustability.

For a pseudo-immersive experience, the Apeman Mini Projector is also equipped with two internal speakers. An internal system of two fans keeps everything cool and allows extended use. 

Everything else can be adjusted via the included remote control or using the on-device buttons.

What We Didn’t Like About it

While the projector fits just right into mini home theater setups, it is not suitable for business or PowerPoint presentations. The internal speakers are anything but functional as they produce very poor sound. However, thanks to the audio jack, you can easily tether the projector to an external sound system. 

Our Verdict?

Considering the versatile connectivity, sleek design, and excellent graphics that this projector affords, it is worth the money. For its $109 price tag, you can recreate a cinema in your home and enjoy your HD games on a wider screen. To check out the best mini-projector for the money, check it out on Amazon!

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