Mar 19, 2021

The Best Rolex 60th Anniversary Day-Date Replica

Omar Abubakar

he Rolex brand has a truly impressive gallery of high-performing, outstanding watches to its name. However, even among the company’s signature watches, there are some that really separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

One such line of watches is the Rolex Day-date series. Making its debut in 1956, the Rolex Day-date was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer watch that featured a calendar window with the days spelled out in full, and a built-in date counter.

If you are looking to add any of Rolex’s watches in the Day-date series to your wardrobe, you should expect to spend at least $40,000. 

Most people can’t afford to spend that much and if you are like us who love ‘great but cheap’, you probably share our passion for good replicas. If you already had a decent collection of replicas but none from the Rolex Day-date series, then we have just the one for you!

The LGXIGE Luxury Watch

A good replica should be an impressive clone of the authentic watch, with an affordable price for most, and should come with a decent build. The LGXIGE luxury watch is one replica that checks all of these boxes. We know what you’re thinking, the pronunciation for the name of this watch is a bit challenging, we almost bit our tongues trying to pronounce it ourselves.

However, at $23 on AliExpress, the LGXIGE watch is relatively cheap all things considered. It is a budget-friendly replica of the $50,000 Rolex Day-date 60th Anniversary luxury watch. Of all the replicas you’ll find on the market, the LGXIGE comes with a pretty impressive packaging that’s totally gift-ready. It also comes in a faux animal leather casing with a small pouch that holds the watch itself.

Key Features

The LGXIGE replica comes with a 40mm rose gold plated steel case and a matching chain link strap that’s a good imitation of the signature President bracelet on the authentic watch.

 It features an olive green dial that gives a contrast with the plated case, roman numerals for the even hour numbers, comes with second, minute, and hour hands, as well as a weekly calendar; all identical to the authentic watch. It also features a mock Cyclops magnifier over the date counter that’s placed at the three-hour mark, a fluted bezel, and a single crown.


There are a couple features on the authentic watch which doesn't apply on this replica. Firstly, the replica is plated in rose gold and is nothing close to the real rose gold on the authentic watch. Secondly, the bezel on the replica also doesn’t actually function but is just for aesthetics. Another thing we didn’t appreciate on the replica is the noise it produces, from the mechanism itself and the strap; it may not be the best timepiece to wear in the library for example. Lastly, with this watch, the hairier you are, the gloomier you’ll be; the gaps between the links on the strap do a great job at catching and plucking arm hair (the roughest of shaves).

But for its price tag, this replica pulls its weight of great features and its flaws can be forgiven. There’s only so much you should expect from a watch that will be bought 2000 times over with the authentic Rolex Day-date 60th anniversary luxury watch.

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