Apr 28, 2021

The Cheapest IWC Homage Watch

Anthony Balogne

inimal watches that feature designs with the most basic essentials are regaining attention in the modern horology community. They can be worn anywhere, are easy to use, and most importantly, are relatively cheaper when compared with high-performance pieces that pack so many functions into one. One particular watch company that has stuck with minimal designs is the IWC brand.

IWC watches boast designs that emphasize the very essentials of a high-performance timepiece. Even at that however, the average authentic IWC watch sits around $5000 and can go for as high as $10,000. 

Enter well-made replicas and homages: If you want a minimal watch that looks like an IWC timepiece but comes at a very small fraction of the price, we have just the one for you!

The Relogio Masculino Luxury Watch

Minimal and pocket-friendly are two key qualities that describe the Regolio Masculino luxury watch. It is a replica of the minimalist IWC Portofino and goes for just $2 on Aliexpress.

It comes with an even more minimal design and is far more affordable than the $5000 authentic IWC watch.

Key Features

The Relogio Masculino watch features a 40mm analog display with a faux leather band and buckle closure. The main case comes in a polished chrome finish while the strap comes with a faux suede finish.

The analog display keeps it simple with a black second, minute, and hour hand, as well as matching hour markings as simple lines. It comes with a single crown for adjusting the time, two-strap hoops, and a contrasting brown underside to its strap. The Relogio watch doesn’t come with any brand label and also comes with a polished back cover.


It doesn’t take a serious glance to see some of the features the Relogio replica is missing from the authentic watch. First, its minimal analog display may be too minimal; the simplest IWC Portofino still comes with a date display, second markings, and roman numerals.

The authentic watch also comes with a quiet automatic movement unlike the cheap movement in the replica that’s betrayed by its noise. This is in turn responsible for its featherweight; the replica doesn’t have a good weight to its bulk. The straps on the replica also feel really cheap and suggest a cardboard core unlike the real leather straps on the authentic watch.

However, for its price tag, the Relogio watch scores quite well. It also sports a design that’s very similar to other low-end minimalist watches from brands like MVMT. While it doesn’t pull its weight in terms of functionality, it is one of the most minimal watches you’ll find on the market and one of the cheapest too, thanks to its very simplistic design.

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