Nov 30, 2020

The Cheapest Porsche Carrera GT In The World

Matthew Mann

he Porsche Carrera GT was at one time, the most expensive and futuristic car on the market. When it was released in 2003, it was considered the most sought after car available, and for good reason. They were limited to only 1270 units worldwide and boasted V10 that put out 603 horsepower. It was mid-engined and had extremely visual deck-lid that exposed the engine as well as allowed air to be funnelled into the engine bay. For 2003, the Carrera was an absolute monster. At its release, it had an MSRP of $448,000 USD but can be valued now at upwards of $1.5 million USD. But what if you could buy right now for $10,000? Multiple people in California are willing to give up their Carrera GT's for just that price.

2005 Porsche Carrera GT in silver
2005 Porsche Carrera GT

Of course we acknowledge that the car is hilariously fake and most likely has a terrible powertrain and chasis, but we would be doing the car community a disservice by not showcasing this supercar replica.

A Facebook Find

You would think that a car as expensive as a Porsche Carrera GT would be listed on a service such as duPont Registry or maybe even AutoTrader. As far as we know, this gem was only posted on Facebook Marketplace of all places. The user only uploaded some less than desirable pictures so we cant really see the engine bay or most of the interior. We do however get to see some fairly decent pictures of the exterior work.

The details of the post were not as descriptive as one would like. We clearly know that the rolling chassis is from a donor car, but what is the donor? Our best guess is a Porsche Boxter or Toyota MR2. It would be interesting to find out what it actually was but our speculation will have to do for now.

The body panels look to be made out of fibreglass, the obvious replacement for what is actually made out of carbon fibre. Fiberglass is commonly used in body shops and DIY car enthusiasts because of its ease of use and ability to mold into any part imaginable. At first glance, the body work looks somewhat clean, even though it doesn't have the same body lines as the real car. However, there are some specific details in the body panels that are clearly off.

The hood is missing most of the contours that transition into the headlights. A small detail but is very notable non the less. The front bumper is very uneven and not symmetrical at all. The engine deck-lid doesn't look that bad other than the engine vents look painted on.

The classic color that the Carrera GT is most usually seen in is silver. The makers of this car tried to capture a similar paint job but ended up having a matte silver paint job with an uneven finish. Of course you can't expect everything to look the exact same as the real car so we understand that. It obviously took someone a hell of a long time to get the proportions right of the body panels and assemble the whole thing and for that, we commend the workmanship. For $10,000, your better off to lease an actual supercar.

DIY Porsche Carrera GT
DIY Porsche Carrera GT fibreglass
Rear DIY Porsche Carrera GT
Silver DIY Porsche Carrera GT

Exact Replica?

Funny enough, we found another posting for a replica Porsche Carrera GT also on Facebook. This car however looks extremely more accurate to the actual supercar. This is most likely due to its donor car being a Porsche Boxter. Yes, yes we know that a Boxter isn't even in the ball park of a Carrera but this car is actually not bad. The maker of the car even got the wheels somewhat right. Although they are way off the stock Carrera GT wheels, they do have wheel locks on them as well as they are color coded so you don't mix up the side they belong to. The seller does however want quite a bit more for this one. He says that there has been over $65,000 USD put into the car to make it look the way it does but is only looking to get $35,000 USD. Pricey for an old Porsche Boxter regardless. Take a look at the ad pictures to see for yourself.

2001 Porsche Boxster with Carrera GT body kit
2001 Porsche Boxster with Carrera GT body kit rear
2001 Porsche Boxster with Carrera GT body kit front
2001 Porsche Boxster with Carrera GT body kit ad

Decide for yourself if a million dollar supercar replica is worth $10,000 or even $35,000. Either way, the makers of these two cars clearly put a lot of time into their builds and should be proud of the outcome.

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