Aug 5, 2021

The MAONO USB Microphone Product Review

Sergio Penguamo

re you looking for a microphone that prioritizes both quality and affordability? Well, your search might be over! Whether you’re looking to start your own podcast, create clear-sounding voice overs or elevate your Youtube videos, the MAONO USB Microphone has you covered on all your sound recording needs. 

If you’re just getting started on a podcast, it’s important to have a professional set-up that stays within a budget. For this reason, the MAONO USB Microphone is equipped with all the key features to optimize sound quality without breaking the bank. Continue reading to find out more about the MAONO Microphone accessories, key features, and device flaws for our full product review. 

Accessories Included

This USB Microphone includes a variety of accessories that are necessary for all your podcasting or video-recording needs. Accessories include: 

  • Condenser Microphone
  • Adjustable angle and foldable arm band
  • Premium metal shock mount 
  • Table top mounting stand
  • USB-A to USB-B cable 
  • Foam microphone windscreen
  • Pop filter

Professional Sound Quality 

When investing into a new microphone set up, it’s likely that the sound quality will be your number 1 concern. The MAONO USB Microphone includes a professional sound chipset which allows the mic to hold a high resolution sampling rate. This smooth, flat frequency response is excellent for singing, speaking, and voice-overs. You’ll notice the impressive accuracy in this sound after transferring it onto your computer for review. 

Alongside this sound quality, the MOANO Microphone also includes a magnetic ring that surrounds the mic to offer strong anti-interference of background noise. As you speak into the mic, you can rest assured it will exclusively pick up the sound carried from your voice and leave out any of the background noise.

Compatible to Different Devices

Another great feature of the MAONO USB Microphone is its compatibility to different devices. This mic can connect to your laptop, PC, and mobile devices. Although, if you want to connect it directly with your smartphone, you’ll require an OTG adapter (not included in the purchase).

Convenient Use

The reason this is such a great introductory microphone is its convenient ‘plug and play’ use.

Simply connect your USB 2.0 data port to your computer without any need for extra driver software or an external sound card. The use of a double shielded USB cable helps to reduce interference and boosts the overall sound quality. 

Device Flaws

As for the device flaws, there are only a couple minor issues in the design of this microphone that may be a dealbreaker to some. One of which is the inability for this mic to pick up the sound of your voice as you move further away from the device. For optimal sound quality, you need to keep your face fairly close to the microphone as you use it. 

The other problem in the design of the MAONO USB Microphone is that it does not come with any cable management. Ideally, the 6 foot cable that operates from the microphone to the USB outlet should run through the tubing of the swivel arm. Instead it’s left hanging loose. You can opt to either tape or zip tie this cable into place. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the MAONO USB Microphone is an impressive introductory microphone that delivers excellent sound quality at an affordable price. You can find this microphone on Amazon for an affordable price of $49.99.  

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