Jun 16, 2021

The Budget Friendly Massage Gun

Genevieve Montague

assages, done the right way, are pure bliss for muscle strain after a stressful day at work or an intense workout. While spa's and masseuses are everyone’s go-to, you can’t pack them in a bag when traveling, can you? Massage guns on the other hand, are portable electronic devices designed to soothe sore, cranky muscles. They are self-applicable, cheaper than spas, and are very effective too.

Think of a massage gun as your personal masseuse who won’t get tired and will ease those muscles on-demand. 

Today, you’ll find a legion of massage guns online and in-store, some of which go for prices that make spa rates seem like the better option. Most of the relatively cheap ones aren’t any good either. Some have even been known to make muscle soreness even worse or develop malfunctions after a few uses.

Like some massage guns are better than most. So, relax, as we have just the one for you. 

Wattne W1 Wireless Massage Gun

The Wattne W1 wireless massage gun is one of the only products on the market that can balance effecttiveness and a pocket-friendly price tag. It is versatile, excellent as a travel companion, excels at deep tissue massages, and even supports external batteries in case the old one runs out of juice. The best part? It's under $100.

What We Like About It

The Watten W1 Wireless Massage Gun comes in a sleek housing with an ergonomic handle for the most comfort. 

Included in the box are six different massage heads (built for different parts of the body and muscle groups), an instruction manual, a power cord for charging, and the gun itself. 

As for the attachments and their functionalities, the air plug head is suitable for small muscle groups, the spiral head for palms and feet, the thumb-shaped head for a wide range of muscle groups, the flathead for relaxation massages, the big ball head for large surface areas like the leg, chest, and back, while the forkhead serves the neck and shoulders. Exceptionally versatile.

The Watten W1 massage gun comes with an impressive 8-10 hour battery life. It features intuitive controls like the power button and + and - buttons for changing the intensity, between 20 levels. At maximum intensity (20), this massage gun works at an incredible 3,500 revolutions per minute (rpm). It also features a very simple interface that displays the battery life and intensity level.

Another commendable feature of this massage gun is how ergonomic it is. It is easy to handle, the attachments affix to the gun tightly because they are friction-fit, and the batteries and attachments can be replaced pretty easily.

What We Don’t Like About It

While the Wattne W1 Wireless Massage Gun is a superb rub-down device that you’ll find handy, however it does have it's short comings. To start with, the attachments aren’t friction-fit in the travelling case; meaning they are likely to spring out of place. Additionally, the external batteries are a little pricey and aren't included.

Applying the gun on your bones can also be quite painful, and the big ball, fork, and thumb-shaped attachments are the only valuable ones. The rest are relatively non-functional. You might also want to avoid using this massage gun for more than an hour to save the motor's life cycle.


Despite its limitations, the Wattne W1 Wireless Massage Gun offers more quality than most models in the same price range. So, do your muscles and pockets a favor, and get yourself a Wattne W1 Wireless Massage Gun on Amazon.

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