Nov 29, 2020

The Top 10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love

Kristin Kerr

izzare foods are the spice of life.  Are you one of those people who eat out of boredom? If so, it’s quite likely you’ve tried some interesting food combinations over the past little while. Peanut butter and pickles? Ketchup on literally everything? What about all the failed attempts at baking something super sweet or savory? Talk about a Pinterest fail. Regardless of how weird you might consider some of your snack attacks, it’s about to get even more strange. Get your forks ready - we’re about to dive into the Top 10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love.

1. Bananas with Condiments

Going to leave the title of this one as condiments instead of getting into the specifications, because apparently, bananas are appetizing with not only mayonnaise but also ketchup. It’s been said that mayo, bread, and sliced banana make for a delicious sandwich. Okay, we might be able to get on board with that, but still feeling a little unsure about the ketchup in the ensemble.

Bizarre Food Combination - Banana and Mayonnaise Sandwich

2. French Fries and Ice Cream

Next on the list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love, fries and ice cream. These two foods are for sure amazing entities on their own, but together? After-all, sweet and salty is one of the best combinations out there. The best part - no cutlery required. Just a simple dip in the ice cream and you’ve got a heavenly snack with minimal mess. Just make sure you eat it all before the ice cream melts!

3. Peanut Butter and Bacon

So peanut butter isn’t only associated with pickles; looks like bacon is in the mix now too. Even though it’s listed as number three on our list of Top10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love, this good ol’ combo is actually something some restaurants and fast-food chains have begun to adopt. Shake Shack supposedly has a peanut-butter bacon burger as a secret menu item.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich

4. Popcorn and Milk

Cereal is definitely one of those go-to snacks. It hits the spot any time of day and can be eaten with or without milk. On another note, popcorn is also one of those snacks. Some genius out there combined the two ideas and instead of filling a bowl with cereal, swapped it for popcorn. Don’t knock it till you try it! It’s basically the at-home DIY version of Corn Pops, right?

5. Salt and Pepper with Apples

Cinnamon on apples, great. Caramel sauce on apples, also great. Salt and pepper on apples, unheard of; however, it’s apparently strangely amazing. Again, could be another one of those sweet and salty snacks, but this time there’s a little bit of spice in the mix.

Apples and Black Pepper

6. Cola and Chicken

What's better than a nice piece of Nashville-style fried chicken with an ice-cold Coca-Cola to rinse it down?  We’re not talking about a KFC combo, we’re talking about actually frying chicken in cola. At the end of the day, it’s still a salty-sweet combo. And it's not much weirder than other sweetmeat flavorings, like teriyaki or sweet barbecue sauce. Still weird enough to make it to number 6 on the Top 10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love though.

7. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie

Cheese and apple slices are definitely a thing, but cheddar mixed with a warm and gooey apple pie? Hmm, might need some more convincing. Well, apparently the tradition of adding cheese to apple pie originated in England and has been a real trend for centuries. It even originated into cheddar apple pie ice cream in some areas of the world.

Apple Pie with a slice of cheddar cheese

8. Blueberries and Steak

Coming in near the end of the list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love is the combo of blueberries and steak. It’s more than just tossing some fresh berries on your filet though. Apparently, blueberry-based sauces add a sweet, but not too sweet flavor to the meal that also doesn’t overpower the overall flavor.  

9. Honey and Pizza

Ranch on pizza could quite possibly be one of the best food combinations to exist on earth, and yes, it’s totally okay if you consumed your body weight in this combination throughout quarantine. Next time you have some pizza in your Uber Eats order, don’t forget to make sure you’re also stocked up on honey. Adding honey to a nice slice of pizza can help offset the salty taste that comes with meat toppings like pepperoni. Emily in NYC is extremely recognized for their Colony pizza, which combines honey, pepperoni, and peppers.

Spicy honey and pizza

10. Hot Sauce and Ice Cream

Just when you thought we’d covered it all, we’re ending the list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Foods That People Actually Love with the good ol’ hot sauce and ice cream combo. Milk is supposed to be a good go-to to ease the level of spice, so why not combine them into one food? It wouldn’t come as a surprise if there’s even a sriracha flavor of ice cream out there somewhere.

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