Sep 1, 2020

Top 10 Back to School Items For 2020

Matthew Mann

or those that have the ability to go back to school, whether its a good idea or not (because of COVID-19), getting back into the swing of things with some of the years newest gadgets, may just be the thing to cure the long time off. Take a look through our list and see if any of these will make your school year that much more enjoyable.

Tumi Backpack

From the youngest of kids to adults venturing into post secondary, a backpack is a necessity to carry around everything from your lunch to books and homework. Backpacks are a great way to express your personality and diversity within your class mates. Tumi has done a great job in combining sleek design and practicality with their line of backpacks. Although Tumi backpack's aren't the cheapest out there, they are sure to turn some heads when you walk into your classroom.

Check out this Tumi backpack here on Amazon.

Nike Backpack

Much like the Tumi backpacks, a Nike backpack is sure to check off all the boxes for your back to school needs. Nike and Adidas have been very trendy brands throughout their tenure, but with mass amounts of pop culture reference and product injection, their reach has increased even more. Relatively simple backpacks such as this Nike backpack, are sure to keep you looking trendy while being able to house your days worth of school necessities.

Check out this Nike backpack here on Amazon.

Sennheiser Headphones

For those awkward walks to your next class or even to deafen the surrounding noise if your trying to concentrate, headphones are the perfect remedy for peace and quiet. Although in-ear headphones like AirPods seem to be the most popular right now, the sound quality and noise-cancelling ability are rather lacking. A pair of around-ear headphones such as these Sennheiser headphones are a great option. Padded ear cups and high quality wiring make for a great audio experience. Prices range slightly but some are fairly affordable at $200 USD. Coupled with a 2 year warranty, Sennheiser headphones are truly a great back to school item.

Check out the Sennheiser headphones here on Amazon.

Lenovo 10 Tablet

Tablets are a great way to take notes and look up possible questions. Most people tend to go for the the iPad because of its design and available colors. As far as price and variance in ability, android tablets are much better bang for the buck. The Lenovo 10 Tablet is a perfect example fof this. The 10 inch screen and 2.3GHz processor are something that would usually cost in the $500 range. However, the Lenovo 10 Tablet is only $230, or sometimes even cheaper depending on the deal you find. At that price, the Lenovo 10 Tablet seems to be the best way to take notes this coming year.

Check out Lenovo 10 Tablet here on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Although it may seem ridiculous that some people don't have smart phones, even kids, some people that are looking to venture into that space may not want to spend an arm and a leg on the newest iPhone. Android phones have traditionally been the cheapest touch screen cell phones as well as largest range of capabilities. Samsung has made a major dent in the cell phone market with their Galaxy series. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is the perfect phone for the money conscious person that lives an active lifestyle. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has a military grade aluminum body that prevents most damage from dropping or being crushed. At $300 USD, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is a no brainer.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active here on Amazon.

Cute Pencil Cases

Although not as big of an attraction for most male students, cute pencil cases were, and still, a great way for students to show off their personality and colourful side in class. Whether they serve as a canvas for class doodles or just to hold their arsenal of pens, markers and pencils, cute pencil cases are a great accessory. Amazon currently has numerous choices for the consumer. This peach and light pink case pictured above was one of the most cute pencil cases we could find; at a bargain too! Canvas cases like these are only $7 USD.

Check out these cute pencil cases here on Amazon.

TI 84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator

Whether your a fan of it or not, Math is something that will never leave schools. Even if your teacher does not permit the use of a graphing calculator in class, using one can be very beneficial to see how an answer can be found or how an equation is derived. The TI 84 Plus Silver Edition calculator is capable fo geometry, algebra, trigonometry and even calculus. When your not using the TI 84 Plus Silver Edition for homework or learning, you can even play games on it!

Check this calculator out here on Amazon.

Adidas Lunch Box

No one wants a warm lunch that was intended to be cold. The Adidas lunch box has an insulated layer inside that keeps warm foots warm and cold foods cold. With an exterior compartment for sauces or anything else that can fit in it and a top handle, the $20 USD Adidas lunch box is the perfect back to school item to make sure your day isn't ruined by lunch time.

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Red Vans

Vans have always been trendy shoes. Whether its for every day use or for skate boarding, Vans make shoes that are unisex, and very stylish for most outfits. A pair of red vans can look great with shorts or with pants. Canvas and rubber construction makes these shoes very durable. For only $50 USD, this pair of red Vans is sure to complete your school outfit!

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Camo Crocs

If comfort is your number one concern for walking around school all day, Crocs are the shoe for you. Made 100% out of high density foam, these camo Crocs absorb any sort of uneven ground and flat footed discomfort. The strap in the back of the camo Crocs can be placed behind your heel to engage sport mode or placed on the top for comfort mode. The camo print gives the impression that your not even wearing shoes. Style, comfort and invisibility are the best attributes of these camo Crocs.

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