Aug 19, 2020

BlendJet Blender Top 5 Alternatives

Matthew Mann

or people that enjoy being able to blend a smoothie on a hike or make guacamole on the beach, portable blenders are the perfect item needed for their arsenal. With their compact size and lack of power cord, portable blenders are being marketed by numerous companies and on various platforms. BlendJet seems to be the pioneer and product giant in the portable blender industry. Their ability to promote their product on shows like The Ellen Show and Silicon Valley as well as use of content creators, BlendJet has seemingly taken over the market. But have they? We found some great alternatives on Amazon if the BlendJet blender is not your cup of tea. Read through our Top 5 list to see for yourself.

1. Popbabies Blender

If you look for portable blenders on Amazon, you might be surprised to see that the BlendJet blender isn't actually on there. Amazon however has some great choices at very reasonable prices. The Popbabies portable blender is usually at the top of the page, and for good reason. It comes in various pastel colors like baby blue and pink and is priced at a very similar price of $37 USD. Its lid doubles as a handle and grip for a backpack clip, so you can carry it just like your favourite water bottle. Simply put your fruits and ice inside the bottle and press the only button to engage the blades.

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2. OYeet Blender

The LivinArts portable blender is the perfect option for those that enjoy an active lifestyle. Its aesthetics and design resemble something close to a shaker cup. To charge it, a magnetic port allows for safe, snag free charging with an accompanied LED light to show its battery status. The LivinArts portable blender is slightly more expensive than the BlendJet, priced at $67 USD on Amazon. With the entire blender being wash safe, the LivinArts blender seems to be a great bang for your buck.

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3. Supkitdin Blender

For people that are budget conscious or just don't want to spend that much on something that they may never use, the Supkitdin portable blender may be the perfect product. With multiple color options, you can truly match your blender to your personality. In addition to a sleek and colourful design, the Supkitdin blender also comes with reusable straws. Make a smoothie and use your straw to drink right out of your blender. The 6 blade assembly can puree even the most dense of fruits. Priced at about $20 USD, this is by far the cheapest portable blender on Amazon!

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4. Ninja BL610

If a portable blender isn't big enough or doesn't have enough power, a traditional table-top blender may be more suitable. Ninja makes a range of blenders and kitchen accessories that all have great build quality. The BL610 is one of their cheaper models, bolstering a price tag of $91 USD - a little more pricey than the BlendJet. The Ninja BL610 however utilizes a 1000 watt turbine base and holds 72 oz of liquid. Cleanup is as easy as putting the blender housing in your washing machine. The Ninja BL610 is the perfect mix of cost effectiveness and kitchen appliance.

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5. Waring BB300S

Waring is known for making commercial grade cookware for years now. From blenders, waffle makers and small ovens, Waring has diversified their products to fit restaurants and the nicest of kitchens. If you fall under the category of having a nice and possibly newly renovated kitchen, the Waring BB300S could be your perfect match. Its sleek black base houses a 1HP turbine that can chop even the heaviest of items and its stainless steel container keeps your beverage cold and looks great! Unfortunately, Waring products do come at quite a cost. The BB300S is one of their cheaper products and starts at $205 USD. If you want the most professional grade of cookware, give the BB300S a try.

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