May 12, 2021

What's All This Hype About The Huggle Hoodie?

Kristin Kerr

aybe you first saw the Huggle Hoodie on Shark Tank. Or perhaps you were browsing Tik Tok and came across an absurdly comfortable wearable blanket. Maybe you’ve already purchased the Huggle Hoodie for yourself on Amazon. Or maybe you’re reading this and asking yourself “A Huggle what?” Whether there’s a chill in the air, you’re feeling a little sleepy, or you just want to be surrounded in comfort, the Huggle Hoodie is a great alternative to a regular blanket or throw. It’s convenient, machine washable, made of quality materials, and the best part? It’s wearable!


The Hype

Well, the majority of the hype around the Huggle Hoodie comes from the fact that it’s basically an oversized sweater, but also a compact blanket at the same time. Equipped with a hood and a reversible function, the Huggle Hoodie is extremely convenient. As described on its website, the Huggle Hoodie is an oversized hoodie made from "luxurious blanket fabric." It has a hood, giant sleeves that cinch at the wrist, and a large pocket across the body.

The Functionality

Huggle Hoodies are available for purchase in burgundy, blue and grey and can easily be thrown in any washing machine for easy care. Aside from the wearable appearance, the Huggle Hoodie can either be kept out in the open or neatly folded on the end of your couch like a throw blanket when you’re not using it. It would also be the perfect addition to bring on your next camping adventure.

The Hoodie is made with extreme comfort in mind so you don’t have to worry about feeling restricted while wearing it. With a blanket draped around your shoulders, you might feel it start to fall off your shoulders. The Huggle Hoodie is made large enough to allow for movement, but not so large that you’re drowning in it.


The Price Tag

Coming in at a reasonable price, the Huggle Hoodie is available for about $39.99 plus shipping fees. It’s available at stores like Walmart, or of course, Amazon as well.

To Buy or Not To Buy

Are you in search of maximum comfort? Tired of blankets falling off your shoulders? Looking for the perfect combination between a furry housecoat and a blanket? Honestly, if you answered yes to any of those, the Huggle Hoodie is likely going to be one of your new favorite purchases. For an insanely affordable price, you may as well buy one for you and one for your partner, because let’s face it - with comfort this good, you’ll be adding a second one to your cart in no time anyways. Who knows, this item might be one of those quirky items that becomes loved for it's nostalgia.

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