Aug 20, 2021

What’s the Nunet Smart Star Projector Really All About?

Genevieve Montague

levating the ambience in your home can be a small change that will make a significant difference to your mood. One simple way this can be done is by modifying the light source in a room. Adding certain colour schemes can help change a room's atmosphere from rest and relaxation to intense energy with the flick of a switch. 

If you’re looking for a way to modify the mood or aesthetic in your home without spending a fortune on new decor, we have just the device for you. Introducing the Nunet Smart Star Projector, a compact gadget that transforms your room into a gorgeous multi-colored moving galaxy. Follow along to find out more about the key features, device flaws, and final verdict for this projector. 

Wide Selection of Light Features 

An important feature of any light projector is the versatility of colours available. The Nunet Smart Star Projector has an impressive selection of colour combinations to choose from including some option laser lights. Select from a variety of galaxy scenes to give your room a relaxed, romantic, or energetic feel — depending on your mood.

Once you’ve set the scene you can switch the laser lights on to add some depth to your galaxy. There is even an option to alter the speed and brightness to further enhance the mood. 

Compatible to your Smartphone Device

Having the convenience to change the theme, colours, speed and brightness of your Smart Star Projector with your smartphone device is a huge bonus. Compatible with most smartphones, you can control your projector through the “Smart Life” app from Tuya. Simply scan the QR code from any IOS or Android to connect your smartphone to the projector — it’s that easy! 

Once connected, you’ll be able to have full functionality of your Smart Star Projector through the app while on wifi. Along with the variety of colours and themes, you can also set your app to turn on and off your projector at a certain time of day. As a bonus, this projector is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home using voice control.

Compact in Size 

As for the design of the Nunet Smart Star Projector, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly compact in size. This helps make it easier to pick up and move from room to room, or pack up and bring to a friend's place. This device comes with a 6” USB charging cable and adaptor to allow for quick and convenient charging almost anywhere. 

Device Flaws

While the impressive functionality, light features, and compatibility of the Nunet Smart Start Projector are all very remarkable features, the one downside is that this device is a little pricier.

On Amazon, it sells for $79.99. Considering the quality of light and the selection of themes available, this is still a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

Creating the perfect at-home ambience has never been so simple with the Nunet Smart Star Projector. With its wide selection of colour variations and laser light modes, you can turn any room into a cozy or exciting sanctuary. From party to total relaxation with a click of a button, this projector is a great addition to any home. You can find this product on Amazon by clicking the link here

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