Sep 13, 2020

Why Among Us Is The Hottest Game On Twitch Right Now

Ven Daniels

ove over Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Call of Duty Warzone, Among Us is the new Twitch heavyweight that's racking up all the streamers and viewers. Enter the world of the classic murder mystery game where up to ten players must try to figure out who the imposters are within the group. The majority of the players are to accomplish a series of tasks and challenges to get their ship running, and it's the imposters' job to make sure it doesn't happen. This highly entertaining multiplayer experience is boat-loads of fun, and downright hilarious, especially when playing with friends.

When Was Among Us Released?

Among us was officially released on Steam, Google Play, and the iOS App Store back on November 16, 2018. At the time the game went under the radar, but has gained massive traction among gamers nearly two years later.

Is Among Us Cross-Platform?

Among Us is a multiplayer murder mystery game available on both PC and mobile, and does feature cross-platform play! No matter what device you and your friends are on, you can join the group and find out who those pesky imposters are together.

How Do You Play Among Us?

The collective goal of Among Us is to complete all the given tasks to the group, and escape safely... that is if you're one of the innocent players. If you are an imposter, your main goal is to sabotage and kill the other players. Each player has a job list that requires completing puzzles and minigames, but you need to be careful because while you're completing the tasks you are extra vulnerable. The winners are usually the smartest players, or the ones with the greatest poker-face. This is a game where you can't trust anybody.

Should You Play Among Us?

Among Us simply blew up in players and livestream viewers in the month of September and for good reason. The game is very entertaining to watch, and even more fun to play. In a sea of battle royale games, shooters, and sports games, at roughly $5.00 USD it's a no-brainer that you should at the very least give this murder mystery game a shot with your friends.

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