Mar 31, 2020

Why The Gamecube Controller Is Still The Best Controller

Jeffrey Chin

here are tons of next-gen game consoles that have cool tech upgrades. This makes it extremely difficult to decide on which of them has the best controller for avid video game players. Debates regarding this continues, but a large group of players seems to agree unanimously that a few top consoles have some of the best controllers. You will find users mentioning the Xbox, The DualShock, Gamecube Controller, and Wii U Pro as some of the most exceptional controllers of our time.

Admittedly, some of these reviewers look out for features like fancy touchpads, or bell and whistles, but these are not what make a controller great. They make them fancy, for sure, but cool tech upgrades are not the only thing you should consider when deciding on the best game controller.

The Gamecube controller has come up as the winner amongst a series of controllers listed over the years. While the GameCube controller is not the most recent market addition, avid game players still gravitate towards it.  Here are six reasons the Gamecube controller is still regarded as the best controller!

Awesome Design

Gamecube Controller Platinum - -
Impeccable Design

Let’s start with the weird buttons on the GameCube controller. These buttons have unusual shapes and colors, but this doesn’t affect their brilliance one bit. For some reason, the combination of oddities just works! The bright skittles-like colors on the controllers are simply captivating. You have a controller that draws the spotlight to itself, and even after the release of others, it is still top in the market.

Most game passes have unlabeled buttons that allow you to choose your actions based on which functions you use the most. However, the GameCube controller stands out by deviating from this norm with the formation of its Y, X, A, and B buttons. Additionally, the large-sized A button was a smart choice because of how useful it is on a game console.

The GameCube controller's A button subtly taught us how to play ...

Fits Perfectly

Every gamer would tell you; there’s nothing like a comfortable controller that feels just right. Consequently, the size and grip of the GameCube controller is one that makes it a top seller on the market. It’s a perfect fit for most gamers with its precise size — not too big and not too small. The controller fits your hands, without you having to stretch your fingers too far apart or hold them too close together.

Perfectly Timed

Recommendation to bring white controller back to life? Will ...
Wired Gamecube Controller

The best controllers can work perfectly to fit in with games that require perfect timing and those that don’t. The GameCube controller is your ideal fit for this. Because it is wired, the controller will not have any lag problems. It also can’t suffer from interface issues like the Classic and Classic Pro can. If you are a Smash Bro fan, you will likely have a natural tilt to the GameCube controller when you want to destroy your opponents and friends alike.

The WaveBird

Gamecube Wavebird Wireless Controller Grey, Silver, Compatible ...
Gamecube’s Wavebird Controller

Gamecube’s WaveBird controller was one of the first of its kind and simply innovative. You didn’t have to sit by the console to enjoy a good video game. With the WaveBird controller, plenty of avid game players enjoyed a great match with their opponents while relaxing on a couch away from the console.

Best Design of its Time

The GameCube controller is arguably the best-designed controller with well-built and responsive springs, an excellent Z button placement, and a very sensitive joystick.  Also, the right side gives you the priority of the button over the second stick, so maneuvering it feels relatively natural. You can smoothly go from button-pressing to moving the second stick.

Classic Nintendo D-pad

D-pad - Wikipedia
Classic Nintendo D-Pad

If you have small hands, the pad will fit just right. However, most avid video players don’t, and some consider the GameCube controller a little too small.  Still, they all admit that it is just as sharp as any other Nintendo’s D-pads. Moreover, GameCube controllers are rated higher than the Xbox’s line of controllers as well.

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