Aug 17, 2020

Are North Koreans Being Forced to Submit Their Dogs For Restaurant Meat?

Kristin Kerr

arlier this year, rumours were circulating that Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un was supposedly dead, or missing. Well, he’s in the news again this week, and unfortunately, it isn’t for a positive reason. His most recent move forces North Koreans to give up their pet dogs for what we think is for restaurant meat amid food shortages. 

Why why why?

We thought Trump putting a ban on TikTok was a little outrageous, but this? This is a whole new level of outrageous, for a lack of better words. Kim Jong Un’s reasoning for the new rule is due to 60% of Koreans facing widespread food shortages. In recent weeks, heavy rain and flooding have sparked concern about crop damage and food supplies in the isolated country. In addition, hundreds of homes have been damaged and large areas of rice fields have been submerged due to heavy rain and some flash flooding. Regardless, this doesn’t mean dogs are put on the chopping block just to be on someone’s dinner table. 


Kim Jong Un says the dogs represent Western “decadence’’, but it’s quite obvious that he has other plans in mind, given the current situation in North Korea, and not to mention, Kim’s leadership reputation...

How will North Koreans give up dogs?

Pet ownership was primarily frowned upon in North Korea up until the 1990s when it was seen as a symbol of superiority. Ordinary people raised pigs and livestock, but the rich, high-ranking officials owned pet dogs. 

Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down. Kim issued the order in July to round up the pets.


What happens after the dogs are collected?

Once the pets are rounded up, it’s reported, some go to zoos and some are sold into the restaurant trade, where dogs are regularly consumed. Dog owners remain fearful that given North Korea’s current food shortage, the directive has only come about to feed the masses.

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